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This week I learned that there is more to key words that how often they are searched or what the bidding price is on them. I found out that there are a few things that tie into them. Relevance and quality score. Relevance is a stat measured by google that allows them to direct searchers to good pages that match what is going on. You get better in this stat by having a page that keeps people around showing that you actually are selling what you advertised and that you have good content. This makes google more likely to show your ad to people. Quality score is how well you are using your keywords in your ads. (if I’m remembering right) if you are using keywords that are good and you are using them responsibly in your ads you become more favored in Google’s eyes. You get this by having good copy in your ads. Things that are true and showing what you tell.

I’m sure both of these are in place to keep people or companies from buying out massive amounts of keywords and showing up in all the wrong searches. People would get no relevant info. These scores keep your searches relevant and the sites you come to good.

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