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Week 2 Reflection: Choosing a Business

January 19, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

I know not many of you listeners may be wondering what happened and why the episodes stopped for a while. I had some real life issues pop up. Now those things are sorted and I hope to resume podcasting as usual. In tandem with that I have started taking a web creating class at my college and I hope to use this site and my podcast as my project for this class. As part of that I will be posting blogs about my efforts and what I am learning in this class.

This week was all about business selection and how to go about doing that. First we looked at google ad words this was a lot of fun and very insightful. There are a few statistics that come with keywords there is competition which is ranked High to low, cost which is the bid you would need to have you ad show up when that keyword is looked up. next is traffic. This is how many people on average are looking up this word or how often it looked up or googled. As part of the class I hope to advertise using google ad words and now that I have the cursory look at what it takes I feel pretty confident that I could make it work. On a beginner level.

We have looked at a case study of a team of students who wanted to make a website so we have looked at all the diferent kinds of websites there are at least the ones that are focused on making money. there are merchendising sites that sell a product. Advertising based sites that hope to bring people to the site and service based sites that have people sign up for a monthly subscription. There were a few sub-sets of each type too. I hope to use the advertising model for Project Botany. This however, does mean there will be ads in the episodes from now on. My podcast hosting site is Anchor and they make advertising easy so we will see how that goes.

I hope at least a few people stuck around during the drought because Project Botany is open again! Now get out there and explore the botanical world around you. You never know what you’ll find.

-Dave B.

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