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Week 7 Google Ads and Keywords

February 23, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

We started working on setting up a google ads campaign. There was a video provided that was very helpful. In fact, it was made by Google and explained what ad words do and how to group them into ad groups. Basically, you can have several ads that look differently and target different sub-target-audiences and help make your campaigns denser and more profitable. Making these groups is hard and takes some time but I can see the benefits. I am working on how I could make different groups and how to make them more useful to me.

We also had to create a list of keywords. That was difficult because I felt my podcast was a very niece topic and hard to keyword. But with a little bit of effort and the use of some tools on the Google Ads site, I was able to see all sorts of new keywords that would help me out a ton.

You must think outside the box and really set some time and brain matter to this to make it work out. I can see the benefits and I am excited to figure this our for my podcast and the apply this to a potential career.

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