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March 29, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

I hope to add a few things to the social media sites here soon. I spent some time looking at twitter pages like Death Star PR and Bird’s rights activists. All these pages put a smile on my face. They were accounts that took on the persona of a thing that doesn’t really exist, but they had huge followings. I want to my accounts to look like that. So, I’m going to post pictures of things relating to either this week’s podcast or just things that relate to Project Botany in general. I would like to keep up the show on social media along with the podcast. This would make things more well rounded and would keep up my branding also.

Ill be honest, it looks like a lot of fun too. Who doesn’t like world building and having a good time with the imagination of someone else? Especially if it’s about something you love too.

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