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Week 6 Reflection: Legal Structure

February 15, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Sorry about last week. I missed the blog because I was out of town on family business. But I’m back this week.

Speaking of this week we learned about the legality of starting a business. because my model is s cross between a podcast and an affiliate business I have chosen to align with WordPress and anchor as my affiliates. Right now I’m in the approval process. Back to legal stuff, because I am going to become a legal business I’m going to have to look at getting business licence. Where I live that shouldn’t be a big issue but it may cost some money. Hopefully the ad money will pay that off.

We learned about taxes and how to get those squared away. You have to pay income tax at a state and federal level here in the US. I have to do some more reading on how to pay that but it shouldn’t be too hard.

My dad started a small LLC for his job and I want to talk to him about my options and what might be best for my business.

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